Уточнение деталей вопроса

Pair  work. Find the two conversations.
What  about  going  to  th park?
OK. Let’s walk the dog together. It might be interesting. And then let’s go skating.
OK. Ask them and phone me back.

Ответ на вопрос

The two conversations in this pair work activity involve making plans to go to the park and engaging in outdoor activities. In the first conversation, one person suggests going to the park and the other agrees, proposing that they walk their dogs together. This shows a willingness to engage in a shared activity and spend time together. The suggestion that it might be interesting indicates a sense of anticipation and excitement about the outing.

In the second conversation, the suggestion is made to go skating after walking the dogs. This shows a desire to continue the outdoor activity and make the most of the time spent together. The use of the word «let’s» in both conversations indicates a collaborative approach to planning and decision-making. Overall, these conversations demonstrate the importance of social interaction and shared experiences in building relationships and enjoying leisure time.